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AutoTrade Forex (ATFX) is a trading bot for generating daily profits. This robot is based on the currency market. It is currently being tested for several months and its release is planned very soon.
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What is the AutoTrade Forex bot?

11ATFX AutoTrade Forex

AutoTrade Forex (ATFX) is an automatic trading robot. Like the other AutoTrade robots, it is an Indonesian automatic trading robot. This one on the other hand is based on the currency market (FOREX). Its purpose will be to buy and sell shares according to the price of different currencies.

Currently, this robot is being tested for several months in real conditions of use, so that it will be as efficient as possible once it is available.

Initially planned for the summer of 2021, this currency bot should be released very soon.

AutoTrade Forex strengths


Objectives unknown at this time


No knowledge required
Completely self-contained trading software

Stop Loss

The maximum loss in any one day
is limited to 3% of the value


Minimum investment
with a capital of $262


The robot adapts to the
to the results


More than 2 months of experience
in the market in real conditions of use


The size of the positions taken by the robot varies automatically according to the capital available in the trading account


You can dispose of your
your funds at any time!