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It should be kept in mind that this text is only a personal assessment and not an absolute truth. There is no such thing as zero risk and the confidence we have in this project is only the result of our own research and our own criteria. It is up to you, the investor, to do your own research and choose your own criteria.

The CEO Mr. Dinar Wahyu Kenzo is a public and well-known personality in Indonesia. He is not like in some business a ghost character. He does not hesitate to post publicly several times a day on his Instagram.

Recently, he became with another member of Pansaka, responsible for the computer and new technologies section for the APLI association which is an existing association since 1984 that manages MLM businesses.

In this association, you will also find the current president of the Indonesian parliament “Bambang Soesatyo” who was also present at the presentation of New Pansaka and where he made a speech during almost 10 minutes.

President of the Indonesian Parliament
The CEO of Autotrade (Pansaka) in the presence of the President of the Indonesian Parliament

Mr. Dinar is also the owner of the Legionid brand which is a sports nutrition brand.

He recently became a director of RBG limited in England which is a commodity Forex broker, providing trading services and facilities to retail and institutional clients. The company provides a gateway to Legomarket for the security of funds by having access to international banks.

The Pansaka company that now owns Autotrade products has an existing facility. This is not just a company that has rented office space in a tower or is moving into miniboxes. They will also soon open new premises (see 2nd photo).

The company Pansaka sponsors an Indonesian soccer team (equivalent to the L1 in France) as you can see on this picture:

But that’s not all, Pansaka works a lot in Indonesia and does not hesitate to do charity. In August 2021, the company gave 10,000 food packages to the provincial government of East Java to be distributed to people in need due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

More recently, through one of Pansaka’s founding members, Zakaria, a check for 60 000€ was given to help orphans

All robots are now registered as a brand and registered in the name of intellectual property (equivalent to INPI in France):

ATG 5.0 : Pangkalan Data Kekayaan Intelektual (dgip.go.id)

ATC : Pangkalan Data Kekayaan Intelektual (dgip.go.id)

ATFX : Pangkalan Data Kekayaan Intelektual (dgip.go.id)

ATO : Pangkalan Data Kekayaan Intelektual (dgip.go.id)

CTE : Pangkalan Data Kekayaan Intelektual (dgip.go.id)

Under the impulse of the 15 founding members of Autotrade, another association which is ARTI for (Indonesian Trading Robot Association) was recently born. The purpose of this association will be to give a legal structure associated with Bapepti, OJK and government agencies to avoid problems of scam as we have seen with companies like Sunton and more recently Evotrade and Mark AI. Any company that is within the rules will be able to become a member of this association.

Recently one of the biggest Indonesian ATG teams (the All stars) has opened a base camp where members can meet:

ATG is: 230 000 members worldwide, 222.40% profit in 2020, 183% in 2021, 2 bots currently (soon 4), a future cryptocurrency exchange with a token, a future regulated broker in Indonesia with ATG founder members as proxy, a new website (new panthera), new features with NFT and other surprises to come.

Since we started investing in this robot, everything has always been done to improve the products, working in the right direction. Apart from the technical problems that some companies may encounter, we have never encountered any particular problem. Keep in mind that this is just our own reading of ATG and that everyone should have their own. It is up to you to create your own roadmap and criteria. Despite all the storms that some Indonesian robots are currently experiencing, ATG keeps all our confidence for the future.

Legality of Pansaka / ATG (licenses and authorizations that the group has)

✅️1. NIB Pansaka
✅️2. SIUP Pansaka
✅️3. KepMenKumHAM Pansaka
✅️4. PNTP Pansaka
✅️5. SIUPL Pansaka
✅️6. Intellectual property database / Electronic system operator (ATG, ATC, ATFX, ATO, CTE)
✅️7. Permit to operate de PT Sarana Digital International
✅️8. Ministry of Investment / Permit BKPM
✅️9. Broker registration Legomarket
✅️10. Liquidity provider : RBG, Match Trade
✅️11. Regulation of brokers DN (PT Asia Trade Point Future) – Bappepti
✅️12. Broker’s Representative License – Lilik Darmanto
✅️13. Member of the RFI association (Indonesian Fintech Robot)
✅️14. APLI Management (Indonesian Direct Selling Association)